About Me

Support for seniors who know their stuff from A to X but need some help to get from Y to Z

Support with Patience and Passion

I am a retired Industrial Engineer who provides "Professional Digital Organizer" advice to senior citizens.

I volunteer through The Village Movement

The challenge for seniors who own several costly digital devices is that they are often unaware of how inefficiently they are using their computers, iPads, and smartphones.

Seniors are often unable to change the default settings of their new devices which were configured by a helpful 'genius' who probably didn't have the time to fully understand your needs. I may not be a genius, but I know how to figure out what settings you need.

I help by shadowing seniors as they use their Apple devices. Then I explore with them how they can optimize their daily tasks.

I can coach you to release the full potential of the powerful devices you already own. If necessary, I can re-configure your devices so they work better with one another. I will leave you with a tailored system suited to your unique personality and technical needs.

I take pride in my work and find joy when my clients' devices are working for them exactly as they need them to.  

I look forward to helping you

Monday - Sunday: 9:00am - 7:00pm

E-Mail: Yoav.Zohar.Mac@gmail.com

Text or Voice Messages Only: (248) 987-8775

Supporting Philadelphia Seniors Since 2015
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